The persistence of illusion

The thing I love most about optical illusions is their persistence in the face of knowledge. No matter how much you know about an illusion, about the overall context, the neurology behind it, who created it or how they did it, it’s impossible to shake that sense of dissonance.

As an activity for Science by Email this week, I simply went out and photographed a building in Canberra with a subtle tilt of the camera, and then duplicated it and presented the images side by side.

Building illusion

Which looks as if it is leaning the most? Of course, they’re the same image, but it probably won’t stop a lot of you from questioning that.

If you happen to be in Canberra on Saturday the 14 August, I’ll be presenting on optical illusions in art (mostly using cartooning) at 1.30 at the Shine Dome for the Australian Science Festival. Come along and say hi.

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